Electronic Security

As part of our Property Management Solutions, we have integrated for a safe and secure environment, an Internet Protocol Surveillance System (IPSS). This is a revolutionary approach for enhancing our services which is being offered throughout Trinidad & Tobago.
As a pilot project this system (IPSS) is now fully operational at the Barataria Secondary School, and MTS has plans to expand the service.

IPSS is the system of choice at school facilities throughout the USA. One of its greatest advantages is that it provides the user with the ability to view and control cameras from a remote location via an Internet-based network. Cameras can be viewed and controlled from separate locations of the facility as well as from MTS’ Control Centre. Other benefits include:

  • Lower cost than traditional analogue systems
  • Higher resolutions
  • Expandable capacity

Having regard to the inconvenience posed by crime in Trinidad & Tobago, MTS offers a customizable product that would satisfy an increasing need, ensuring maximum efficiency, around-the-clock protection for persons and property, utilizing state-of-the-art technology.