I am on the frontline


The Company’s frontline staff and all employees whose duties involve being the first point of contact with our internal and external clients, are taking center stage with the engaging of these employees in a three-day workshop to be held on November 05 – 07, 2014, geared towards equipping them with the tools and capabilities to deal with varying conditions of interaction.

The basis for training of frontline staff (receptionists, clerks, secretaries, administrative assistants etc.) is to stimulate these employees to contribute to a positive work experience for everyone. Continuous training and retraining of staff is essential to keeping them in step with the needs of our ever evolving environment.


Participants attending the workshop will be exposed to seminar sessions, audio-visual instructions and external simulations. The objectives of the programme are:

  • To guide frontline staff towards understanding their social, professional, political and economic position in the frontline;
  • To provide organizational information, structure, systems, departments, departmental functions;
  • To highlight/discuss issues of verbal and non-verbal communication, professional sensitivity, health and coping with crisis;
  • To aid personal and professional development;
  • To stimulate a positive outlook of the role in the frontline.


The programme proposes to be useful for enhancing of individual and organizational image and development




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