Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is set out to take MTS through the period 2012-2014 and speaks to issues related to MTS’ Vision, a current assessment of the organization, the external environment that impacts upon its operation, core strategies and the key success measures and action plans that are required to ensure its long-term viability.

  • Strategy
    • Market Driven
    • Responsive
    • Market leader in terms of innovation, technology application and service delivery in Property Management
    • Entrepreneurial – constantly developing new business initiative in the sector
    • Promoting and influencing Government policy affecting the sector
    • Nationally recognized leader in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Structure
    • Networked and organic
    • Fully functioning planning, R&D integrated into the operation of all functional areas
    • Active and vibrant quality assurance and monitoring inclusive of HSE compliance
  • System
    • Seamless operational functioning spearheaded by marketing, planning and communications
    • Regular process and systems reviews
  • Shared Values
    • Clear defined, visible, communicated and shared value system
    • Linked to Vision, mission and Strategic Objectives
    • Staff demonstrating values in communities, groups and associations that they are involved in
  • Style
    • Shared leadership style
    • On-going leadership training
  • Staff and Skills
    • Well financed HR Development programme
    • Technology equipped and trained in general as well as service specific technology
    • Highly motivated, creative and innovative staff
    • Effective Performance Management System
    • Novel reward and recognition programme that recognizes innovation and creativity