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Who are we / Company Overview

Our History

MTS evolved from an American project management services company called, EduSystems, in which the state held a 7% shareholding.

In 1976, the government of Trinidad & Tobago embarked on the construction of nine secondary schools, the company’s first local project.

In 1979 the government decided to extend the service to all secondary schools, and acquired 97% of the shares. The company was then registered locally under the name Secondary Schools Maintenance Training and Security Company Limited.

In 1982, the government purchased the remaining shares and, through the Memorandum of Association, amended the company’s portfolio to provide services to customers other than government and its agencies, thus fulfilling the thrust to self-sufficiency and viability. The company then underwent another name change to become National Maintenance Training and Security Company Limited (MTS), as it is now known. MTS was founded on the premise that it would provide a secure, healthy environment for the school children.

It now has over 40 years of proven success doing this.

A decision was later made to provide services to customers other than state agencies. This was in line with the government’s thrust for all state enterprises to be financially viable and self-sufficient.

The organisation is now structured with an appointed Board of Directors, managed by a Chief Executive Officer and Divisional Managers. The company has ongoing business with approximately 100 clients in approximately 1350 locations ranging from Cedros to Charlotteville, enabling prompt responses to our customer’s needs.

Today, MTS is proud to have customers in both the Public and Private Sectors managing a portfolio of business services worth …. in revenue annually