Facilities Maintenance.


We at MTS take great pride in the excellence of our janitorial service, which is part of facilities maintenance programme. Our personnel also take great pride in their work, and are committed to established and professional standards. Our janitorial personnel are specially trained at MTS and certified in their respective areas of expertise.

  • Carpet Cleaning – Vacuuming, shampooing, steam cleaning, deodorising
  • Floor Maintenance – Sweeping, mopping, buffing, stripping, scrubbing, sealing, polishing
  • Pressure Washing – Buildings, walls, yards, drains, driveways and other hard surfaces
  • Office Cleaning – General areas, furniture, mats, windows, doors, ceilings, stairways, vents, blinds, telephones, lighting fixtures, garbage disposal, rest rooms
  • Bathroom Sanitisation – Toilets, sinks, mirrors, replenishment (soap, sanitisers, toilet paper)

MTS is the leader in janitorial maintenance services in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the years, our services have grown to over 200 facilities. We boast of our excellent track record in the janitorial business and we are now a household name in Trinidad and Tobago with our famous slogan.

Specialised Cleaning Services

MTS can provide specialised emergency cleaning services for the following.

  • Clean up after a natural or man-made disaster like a flood or fire
  • Clean up of a crime scene (After all legal and statutory investigations are completed)
  • Time sensitive after party/event, venue clean up

Technical Maintenance.

Our Technical Maintenance encompasses a range of services, including the following:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Plant and Utilities Maintenance
  • Technical/Vocational Equipment Maintenance
  • Sewer Treatment Systems Maintenance
  • Fluid Transfer Equipment Maintenance
  • Electronic/Electrical Installation and Maintenance Air-conditioning system Installation and Maintenance
  • Environmental Services

MTS has been providing maintenance management services to a varied clientele over the past 21 years.

The department also provides a preventative maintenance program in the areas of electrical maintenance, plumbing works, air-conditioning, sewage systems, and machine shop equipment repairs. The department owns a fleet of 60 vehicles and decentralised operations meaning we will get to your location in quick time for emergency repairs. The division can also provide a comprehensive facilities management system.